We organise everything required so that our tradesman arrive to the job, have the information, get things done and get paid.
We are as dedicated to keeping our tradesman happy as we are the valued customers.


Plumbing Now make sure every job is a profitable job! Plumbing Now work tirelessly to ensure the work we send is quality work from quality customers!


We truly believe our tradesman are our customers and if you're not happy then neither are we. We want to assist you in growing your business and bettering your life by creating long term and profitable relationships throughout New Zealand


Plumbing Now was created by a plumbing industry veteran with 13+ years dealing with plumbers, their customers, the merchants and the manufacturers. We have a passion for sales and marketing and a huge admiration for the industry we're in and the plumbers who work so hard.

Other benefits include:

Always local
Always profitable
Exclusive service areas
Group buying opportunities
Sales handled
Targeted marketing
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